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Frequently asked questions

Who is Advent eLearning/

AdventFS manages traffic diversion and other programs for County Attorneys across the state, including the County Attorney Traffic Safety (CATS) program.

What is a traffic diversion?

Under KY law, County Attorneys can allow some drivers who meet appropriate criteria to take a traffic safety program in lieu of paying for the citation. When you pay your citation, you effectively plead guilty to the charge and that offense goes on your driving record. By going through traffic diversion, your traffic citation is dismissed, and that offense will not go on your record.

What happens when I apply for the CATS program(TM)?

Your application will go to the County Attorney in the county where you received your citation. If you meet their criteria for traffic diversion, you will be approved to participate in CATS. You may also be contacted to show additional documentation (e.g. proof of insurance) before you are approved.

How will I know if I'm approved for the program?

Once the County Attorney has approved your application, you'll receive an email with log-in instructions to pay for and take the course. You will receive a decline email if you are not approved, and you should proceed with paying your citation using the instructions on your citation. You should receive an email about the County Attorney’s decision typically in 3-5 business days.

What do I select for “County” when applying?

Please select, from the drop-down list, the County in which you received your traffic citation. If the county on your citation does not appear on the list, you cannot apply for CATS online.


What do I enter for “Citation/Case Number?”

Some counties put Citation Numbers on citations, while others assign Case Numbers electronically. One of these two numbers should appear in the Case section of your citation.

What do I select for “State?”

The address you enter, including the State you select, should correspond with the address information on your Driver’s License.

What is a Commercial Driver’s License?

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a special license for commercial drivers, and CDL holders are not eligible to participate in CATS. If you do not know if you hold a CDL, please select “NO” in that drop-down.

What does the traffic course consist of?

The CATS Program(TM) consists of online educational materials about driving safety and requires you to answer questions correctly throughout in order to pass the course. The course typically takes about one hour to complete on your PC, tablet or smart phone. Other formats, including DVD and booklet, are available upon request and subject to additional costs.

How will the County Attorney and Courts know I took the course?

The County Attorney’s Office will be notified as soon as you pass or fail the course. Once you pass the course, the County Attorney will notify the Courts that the charges have been dismissed. You will be provided a Certificate of Completion as well to keep for your records.

How much does the CATS Program(TM) cost to take?

The cost of the course varies by county, and portions of the costs go to multiple agencies as outlined by law. You will be notified of the cost for your county when you receive your login instructions by email. You can pay for the course by credit or bankcard, check or money order. There is no obligation to take the course by applying: you can choose to pay your citation instead of taking the course.

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